CNN Hologram Technology

November 5th, 2008 (6,328 views) by Pinny Cohen

While over 71 million Americans tuned in to watch the election night results, CNN viewers were treated to a new technology. Using dozens of cameras and sophisticated hologram technology partly developed in Israel, Jessica Yellin was “beamed” in to Wolf Blitzer’s studio in a very realistic display. Over half a million viewers have seen this Youtube clip showing the hologram effect. Additionally, “cnn hologram” was the 22nd most searched term on Google shortly following the coverage – people wanted to know how it works.

It is interesting to note that as the political races keep rising in cost, there is a corresponding rise in the “R&D” budgets for covering the news surrounding those races. This 2008 election season cost a record-breaking $5.3 billion.

After the high costs of developing such new technology are borne for the election coverage purposes, it tends to trickle down into every day life, as this one might end up perhaps in a shopping center or concert venue.

Fascination with this technology was so high that CNN decided to do a video segment on how this technology was developed, and I’ve embedded that short clip below:

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3 Responses to “CNN Hologram Technology”

  1. spacebtwn Says:

    I thought the CNN hologram was a little over the top. More so, I thought their “virtual” capitol building was. When John King tried to lay over the senate seats, I really had a difficult time seeing it.
    Way too busy.

    I like a certain amount of fancy technology, but personally I think the inclusion of these two items were a distraction to good news reporting. However, it’s pretty clear CNN likes their gadgetry. I just changed channels.

  2. This is why CNN’s Hologram was a Good Investment « The Full Catastrophe Says:

    [...] CNN Hologram Technology [...]

  3. net97surferx Says:

    The ‘hologram’ was NOT a hologram. IT was hyped ‘blue screen’ techniques which was first used in 1940. Wolf was looking at nothing … while a real hologram would have been a real image even he would be seeing. Not ‘movie magic’.

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