4 Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Start Acting

January 5th, 2009 (22,909 views) by Pinny Cohen

Overcoming Procrastination

How often do you find yourself contemplating a task, only to avoid getting started on it and move on to something else?

Procrastination is a major problem for everyone, but especially dangerous for entrepreneurs. After all, when you work for yourself, YOU set the pace. If that pace is slow, profits will be slow as well. Beating procrastination, however, can be accomplished with a few simple tips.

1. Baby Steps

Stop ProcrastinatingIf you find yourself struggling to get started on a project, consider breaking it down into the smallest tasks possible. Then complete one (or a few) of these tiny tasks. You’ll gain momentum with each micro-task that you complete, allowing you to knock out procrastination quickly and painlessly.

2. Stop Planning and Take Action

Avoid ProcrastinationYou can research and plan for days, weeks, or months without ever beginning on a project. Instead, set a clear goal for when you’ll begin to ACT, and stick to it. If you need more information, you can always gather it as you go. Money likes speed, so take action today.

3. Don’t Be Afraid

Procrastination CureProcrastination is often motivated by fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of the project falling flat on its face. Even fear of overwhelming success. Look fear in the face. Stare it down, and act anyway. Without taking action, nothing will ever happen – and THAT’s something to be afraid of.

4. Track Progress

Time Management And ProcrastinationAfter you have taken the first actions, be sure to track your progress. There is no greater motivation to get out there and do something than seeing where you have been in the past and what you have accomplished.

By putting these four tips into action, you can begin to knock out procrastination before it starts. Success is all about focused, determined action, so take your first baby step towards that goal today!

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3 Responses to “4 Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Start Acting”

  1. Studenomics Says:

    I must admit that sometimes fear does get to me. I often think about taking certain risks but then am stopped when I think about the consequences of failure. Tracking progress is probably the only thing that can assure you do meet your goals. If there is no progress updates then how do you know you are close to attaining your goal?

  2. Pinny Cohen Says:

    @Studenomics: I think that it is normal to fear failure, but realize that almost all of the greatest successes (including the light bulb invention) came after, and out of, hundreds of failures.

    The only thing that created success was the perseverance to continue on and on and accept no outcome other than success.

  3. Bradley Gauthier Says:

    great strategy! Another tip would be to think about what would happen if you put something off. Most likely it’s a bad outcome. Eventually you mentally would negatively reinforce the act of procrastination.

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