innocent high review

Innocent High Review

This review of Innocent High was last updated on February 10, 2016 and will continue to update every month with new information. is part of the Team Skeet Network. This Innocent High review gives you an honest and comprehensive review of the Innocent High, along with sample images, videos, and a membership trial offer.

This website’s name is an actually “ironic opposite” of the content that it features. Most of the porn sites that we see these days like ‘up the ass’, ‘in the mouth’ and more leave very little to the imagination when it comes to their names. InnocentHigh has coeds acting absolutely crazy and wild, and you’ll find some really gorgeous models featured here and they’re doing some real big cocks.

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Innocent High Trial

InnocentHigh has some really kinky videos like movies with girls playing tennis in loose tops and tight shorts, which is a rare sight to be seen, and most videos have some kind of plot which just adds to the whole excitement. There are sexy students in great costumes fucking janitors, teachers, principals, and the tennis coaches, but the principal is main big cock of this crazy porn academy called InnocentHigh.

Innocent High Site Stats

These naughty girls wreck havoc in their classrooms before being taken into the principal’s office, where they get the special attention that they so direly need. The scenes are all scripted and there’s a lot of corny acting too, but they’re hot and very entertaining at the same time. The sex is very hardcore and solid banging can be seen in almost every video you’ll find at There are a total number of 411 videos available on this website and most of the videos come in Full HD download and streaming options. The stuff that was posted earlier isn’t that great, but the quality of the content is still very commendable.

Important Notes About Innocent High

There are 411 image sets available on the website as well which are all pretty good looking. They give you a chance to view very softcore posing and some stripteases to get you ready for the real hardcore stuff. The girls are very fresh faced and they lick and suck cock like sex-driven machines, right before riding them. There are some threesome scenes that you can view as well, with two girls taking on the same man with higher demands, and these videos have some real nice girl-on-girl foreplay. seems to release new updates almost every week, and you can also explore other websites from the Team Skeet Network like This Girl Sucks, Oye Loca, Titty Attack and Solo Interviews. These websites have a great pool of content too and there’s a full inventory to explore while waiting for the newer updates.

Innocent High is all about sexy and hot nubile babes in some very steamy hardcore fucking, trying to make school a lot more fun. InnocentHigh is a teen porn website you must not miss out on, so get yourself a membership as soon as you can!

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